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Adult classes

Our adult classes are very welcoming whether you're returning to dance or trying something new. Each exercise has an easy, medium and tricky variation so everyone can enjoy a challenge whilst having some fun. The only rule is you have a go and enjoy yourself!
Our adult ballet class is a great way to enjoy exercising to music and will build muscle tone and improve flexibility. Each class includes barre exercises and centre work to build core strength and technique followed by lyrical dances and routines to enjoy performing and getting lost in the music.  We use a great selection of familiar songs to make our classes more enjoyable and we choreograph dances and exercises we know will feel good to perform.
Our adult tap classes are a great, gentle cardio work out which also tones the legs. bums and tums!  Again, we offer variations for each exercise based of how tricky you want to make it and we know you'll love our fun, jazzy routines. We do recommend correct shoes to get the absolute most out of class but trainers are welcome - although who can resist a pair of tap shoes? In this class you'll perfect the steps in close work exercises to funky tunes and dance your heart out to practise what you've learned in our exciting routines.
Adult ballet class oldham
Dance classes for adults oldham
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