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​babyballet® Oldham, Middleton & Burnley

The babyballet® classes are also available to private nurseries and pre-school groups based in Oldham, Saddleworth, Middleton and Burnley, with personal visits providing the same high standards of our local babyballet® schools for the children who attend your group. The structured, yet fun-packed classes evoke a fantastic response from the children, and without doubt will be the highlight of their week.


Our ballet and tap classes fits well within the UK Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, with our ballet classes and tap classes providing the opportunity for children and babies to learn and develop key life skills in a healthy and safe environment.


We work closely with nursery practitioners to ensure maximum progression and development in each child. We have found that offering a babyballet® class is a key consideration when people choose their nursery and pre-school groups. It will certainly set you apart from your competitors by offering a ballet or tap class to the children in your group.

We’d love to come and talk to you about how babyballet® could work for you and your group.


In Oldham, Middleton and Burnley, we offer a free sample ballet class for the children so that you can see exactly what’s involved and you'll see just how much fun the children can have each week.

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