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BalletMama - COMING SOON!

We are so excited to launch BalletMama, our ante and post natal ballet classes. These classes are expertly designed and delivered to provide a safe and beneficial exercise option for mums-to-be and mums with babes in a sling or carrier.


With years of experience as a fitness instructor and dance teacher, and also a mum of three, Miss Sally has created a class that combines a great work-out with a fun dance class  and also includes a lovely stretch and meditation section and a great social opportunity after class.

BalletMama is a fantastic way to ease the pregnancy aches and pains and strengthen and stretch in preparation for labour. It's also a relaxing way to bond with your unborn baby in a safe and friendly environment. 

Once baby has arrived and you've had your post-birth checks, BalletMama is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and fit in some exercise without parting from your new bundle. Our classes are designed to safely incorporate a baby in a sling or carrier whilst ensuring a great core workout and enjoyable dance class. You can also meet other mums and babies and enjoy a drink and a chat after class.

Our familiar and enjoyable choices of music makes the class a great way to enjoy the songs you love and have some time for yourselves and enjoy dancing with your baby and looking after your body.

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dance class for pregnant mums
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