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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Our uniform is not compulsory for all classes, but children do need to come in suitable clothes and correct footwear with long hair tied back. Children wishing to take part in exams will need to wear the association uniform and so we recommend wearing that to class if they are working towards their exams.

How much do classes cost?

Classes range from as little as £3.50 per week, to £10 for Private Lessons and are paid for in monthly instalments.

Do parents stay in the room?

No parents do not stay in the room, but there is a waiting area outside our classes and we wouldn't hesitate to call you if your child is upset. We know how daunting a new class can be so we are very careful to introduce children to the classes with as much support from their grown ups as they need, but we find that, unlike for our babyballet classes, our TDA stars are old enough to take classes by themselves and learn better this way.

We do invite grown ups in to the room regularly at the end of class, so our students can share what they have been working on and we have open class at the end of each term where grown ups can watch.

What do we need to bring to the first class?

Just yourself! Clothing should be comfy and allow you to move around easily and bare feet are fine. Bring a bottle of water or a non fizzy drink to keep hydrated. Children may also want a snack or some money for the tuck shop.

What are exams like?

Exams are a fun but formal way to assess our students' progress. An outside examiner comes to the school and the students perform syllabus work and receive a certificate and a medal on completion. Rosette and Stardance exams are taken with the class teacher and as a group so are not too daunting and all students are put in appropriate exams for their ability to ensure a positive experience.

What is a show?

We hold a show at a professional theatre every year. Children work towards this is their usual class time and are all invited to take part but do not have to. This is a great opportunity for the children to perform on stage and showcase what they have learned but is completely optional. 

What is a festival?

Festivals are song and dance competitions held throughout the country where students can perform group dances, solos and duos for a panel of judges to get marked and potentially win prizes. Students can choose which festivals to enter, with lots available in the North West.

Although of course it's always nice to win a prize, this a great performance opportunity regardless of if you're placed and are always lots of fun. Competitors will need private lessons to learn a dance to perform and then will need to attend festival class to practice and get notes ahead of a festival. Competitors also need a costume for their dances.

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